• Call your pharmacy for a prescription refill. They will contact us.
  • Allow a 24-hour turn around time for prescription refills.
  • Call the pharmacy to see if your prescription refill is ready or has been called in.
  • If your prescription has not been filled within 24 hours of your call to the pharmacy, please call our office at


  • For bloodwork results, call 365-0333 between 9:00 a.m. and noon and ask for the nurse.

If you have questions regarding problems with your blood sugar or medications through the patient assistance program, please call Eva Martin at 365-4513.

General questions can be addressed to:

The doctor/patient relationship is a privileged one. We do not give out information about you without your consent. The doctor's schedule does not allow him to leave a patient to answer a phone call. Our staff has been trained to answer most questions. If your question requires the doctor's attention, he will review your chart, and either relay a message, or call you back after office hours.

Please remember that many diseases have similar symptoms. Therefore most requests for treatment require an examination. Please do not ask for telephone prescriptions unless the doctor has recently examined you for that particular problem.

Week Ends
Our answering service takes calls on weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. In the event of an emergency, the answering service can page Dr. Antunes. If the doctor is not available another highly-qualified endocrinologist/internist will be on call.

Patients requiring hospitalization are admitted as private patients to Sarasota Memorial or Doctor’s Hospital, where Dr. Antunes is a member of the active hospital staff . If you are admitted by another doctor, Dr. Antunes will see you only if asked by the attending physician. 

The results will be discussed with you at the completion of the exam.